Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2015: Fantasy Shield

This is yet another Monthly Noob Challenge from I ran into MAJOR technical problems but actually, and for the first time, got a monthly challenge done within a month. The shortest month even. The original concept is by Yuriy Georgiev. I made the model and the textures.

2015: Hand Painted Cabin

This I did for a school project, that literally had nothing to do with a hand painted log cabin, but it was a fun project and finished it in about 5 days. It was from a tutorial by the talented Ryan Ribot. I modeled the house and did all the textures by hand. The original concept is by Ryan Ribot.

2015: The Order 1886 Combo Rifle Fan art

Another Noob Challenge from Polycount. This one I didn't finish in the required time frame due to my hectic school schedule, but I liked the concept so much that I finished it. And I'm glad I did. The original concept is by Tobias Kwan ( Very awesome stuff. I made the model and the textures.

Update 8-27-2015: I re-rendered this and wanted to add the new renders since one has the wireframes. Maybe it can help someone if they had any questions!

2014: Vending Machine

A piece I did as a part of the Monthly Noob Challenge hosted by The concept was by Matthew Cook. I tried integrating photo textures and hand painted stylization to it. Great project and I learned a lot from the community.

2014: Guns

My first gun I modeled was a glock, then I did a lot more after. I like how intricate they are and it's a joy to model them.

1911 Colt. I used ndo to hand draw the engravings.

2014: Dragon Sword

Very typical, but an original piece I conceptualized and modeled when I first started to do hand painted textures.

2014: Hand Painted stuff

Here are some hand painted weapons I did after watching the awesome tutorial by Tyson Murphy. All the models and textures and done by me. Original concepts by Tyson Murphy.

And so it begins...

My first post and it's going to be an art dump of most things I've done in the past two years or so, then I'll try to update this with newer projects as soon as I can. It's interesting to see my growth from even just a year ago. Hope you enjoy!